Our Board

Section 7 of the Gambling Act, 2012 provides for the establishment of the Board of Directors of the Authority which shall comprise of eight (8) Members. The Act further provides that the Members of the Board shall be appointed by the Minister and shall comprise of the following:

1. Four Members who are not Public Officers from the following backgrounds:

  • gambling
  • legal
  • community or socio-economic development
  • Community representative

2. Four Members nominated by the Ministers responsible for:

  • Trade and Industry
  • Finance
  • Town and Regional Planning
  • Tourism

The following are the Board Members who have been appointed by the Minister:

  1. Thabiso Tafila is the Chairperson of the Board and he is an Attorney and partner at Minchin & Kelly
  2. Chawa Bogosi is a Member with knowledge and experience in the gambling field
  3. Lesego Busang is a Community representative who has a background in Statistics
  4. Ontlametse Ward has been nominated by the Minister responsible for Trade and Industry. She is the Deputy Permanent Secretary (Trade).
  5. Mrs Boikanyo M. Mathipa has been nominated by the Minister responsible for Finance. She is the Director of Tax Policy
  6. Neo P. Mothobi has been nominated by the Minister responsible for Town and Regional Planning. She is the Kgalagadi Land Board Secretary