QnA: TENDER NO. GA 3/1/5-I 001/2018-2019

4 July 2018
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1 Are there any changes on the bill of quantities since we were told they will be sent after the site visit?


Gambling Authority expects bidders to propose a suitable solution that will address the needs specified in the tender, therefore the Authority advices bidders to consider cost optimization when proposing the solution. It must be noted that the terms of reference specified a a minimum guideline.


2 We write to seek clarification on the above mentioned tender regarding one of the Camera specifications mentioned in the tender document.


Reference is made to the following camera from Table 4, see extract clip below:




The above question refers to a Motorised Pan/Tilt Zoom camera normally associated with large open or outdoor areas.

During our tender briefing and the walk around, plus the drawings provided, we noticed that all of the areas that require cameras are small to medium spaces and probably not suitable to a large motorised camera.

During the walk one of the attendees asked if you require PTZ cameras and the response from Gambling Authority was no, the static cameras would be sufficient.


Our question is as follows:


1/.  Do you wish us to price for the PTZ cameras as specified above,. Or should we put forward the best possible Camera solution for the areas identified on the map and the walk around ?


Bidders are informed to be mindful of the fact that the aforementioned area contain the mini safe therefore Gambling Authority expect this area to be covered with a camera that will provide best viewing capability.


3 We have a group of companies and I registered one of our companies not legible for the ITT (Capital ICT Solutions). Can this be rectified by replacing with Empire Treasures Pty Ltd which is eligible for the ITT which has relevant requirements for the ITT. Companies that did not attend the site visits will not be accepted.


4 On page 8, item 4.1.8., please elaborate on the type of integration that is required with other security systems. There is no security system currently in place that the proposed systems need to integrate to. Bidders are expected to provide where possible a  system that will be compatible with other security system in line with best practice.
5 On page 10, on Table 4, Area A, it has been specified to install 5MP PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera but the stated resolution (1280×960) is for a 1.3MP PTZ. Please confirm whether we should quote for 1.3 MP or 5MP PTZ


Bidders are expected to come up the best possible product for the proposed areas.
6 On page 15, on table 5, item 3, what is the maximum number of days’ worth of recordings are you required to keep? The specified 4TB will only give approximately 4days recorded video storage based the number of cameras and their resolutions.


Bidders are expected to come up with the best possible system that will be able to retain data for at least (7) seven days.
7 I have noted that there are 50 cameras + 1 Remote Viewing Station but no provision has been made for Managed PoE Network Switches, will the client provide these or should include them in the proposal?


It should be included in the proposals.


8 Will the client be providing the remote viewing PC which the CEO will be using to view the video feed Supplier should provide the pc for control room any additional recommended  pc will be provided by the Authority.


9 On access control, you want Finger print Reader on the inside and outside of the door, or you want Finger Print Reader in and Push Button to go out? Gambling Authority requires a Finger Print Reader for access into and out of the building. However a provision should be made especially in areas such as reception for a controlled  push button to exit. (Controlled by the receptionist e.g)
10 What is the name of the software used on the current Access Control System. X P 400 , the system is from our landlords and we would like to have our own new system
11 How many users are going to be using the Finger Access Control System in your Building? The system should be able to allow at least 100 finger accesses
12 Is the proposal a 2-envelope system or one? This is a 2-envelope tender ,
13 What door terminals are used? Bidders are expected to come up with the best terminals that will be suitable to meet the requirement of the tender.

Suggestion from a Client

14 A Workstation is needed in the server room, with minimum spec;i7 processor, 8gb DDR3 ram 1TB HDD, 2gb graphics card and 19″ monitor. Bidders are expected to come up with the best possible system that will suite the Authority needs.



15 – 4x 18 PoE switches

– Page 9, Table 2, Please indicate that on the doors, biometric is only on the outside and inside push button/ non-touch is used


The authority requires and inside and outside bio-access. Refer to answer under point 9 above.

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