SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Tender No. GA 3/1/5-1 005/2017-2087

28 November 2017
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28 November 2017, Comments 0

Question 1: Do you require lamination as well to the printer, and if so. We can offer the holographic image lamination – And would you want to have your own custom hologram or will you  be happy to use a standard generic hologram ? There will be a cost implication depending on which one want.

Answer: It would be ideal to have a custom hologram that embraces the Gambling Authority logo however kindly quote for both custom and standard generic holograms.

Question 2: Software – We offer Asure ID as a card printing solution, In most cases our clients want us to live link or import data from their existing database. If this is the case what database do they use?

Answer: We do not have a database in place. Any database that is intended to be set up should be clearly specified with all associated costs of deployment and maintenance.

Question 3: Access control –  Please specify what kind of access control the card should be able to offer you.

Answer: This relates to having user restriction to limit access to the system including unauthorized printing and access to confidential information that may be contained in the database

Question 4: Following on my last e-mail. Will you be printing color on one side or it will be both sides?

Answer: The idea is to have a printer that is capable of printing both color and monochrome (black & white) on both sides of the card.

Question 5: Regarding the above-mentioned tender, it looks like you have not indicated how many machines will you be looking at purchasing.

Answer: We require only one printer with accessories that will help with the successful implementation of required solution, however not limited to accessories specified in the ITT.

Question 6: I have just downloaded the above tender (after seeing the advert in the Sunday papers). I would like clarification on the closing day, as it is stated in the ITT as 7th November 2017 at 15:00hrs. Please could you clarify the actual closing date.

Answer: The closing date for submission of bids is the 7th December 2017 at 1500hrs.

Question 7: We would also like to seek clarity on the specification of the access control cards as we understand they will be used for access control. The cards specification is usually Mifare 13.56Mhz or 125Khz.

Answer: The operating frequency for the RFID cards should be Global (830-960 Mhz). Both RFID and non RFID cards would be required.


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