Supplier Database

  1. Please note that filling and submitting the supplier registration form successfully and or being added to the supplier database does not guarantee that the authority will use your services. This registration is not to be construed in anyway as a contract or agreement between the supplier and the authority
  2. fill all required fields in the form for your application to be considered valid. All required fields will be indicated by a red asterixs (star).
  3. Fill and complete the form in one sitting/ session as refreshing the browser or page or navigating away from the page before submitting will cancel all information that has been entered
  4. Ensure to upload all required documents at the bottom of the form in the corresponding dedicated field. Please note you can attach and upload multiple documents to each upload field and maximum document upload size is 15mb per document.


  1. Required attachments: Please ensure to upload the following documents
    a. Company documents ie certificate of incorporation or certificate of registration
    b. Certified copies of share certificates
    c. Proof of ownership/directorship
    d. Copy of tax certificate (if Applicable)
    e. Copy of tax clearance certificate (if Applicable)
    f. Copy of EDD certificate (if applicable)
    g. Company profile
    h. Portfolio of previous done work
    i. Local procurement registration certificate (if applicable)
    j. Signed statement of declaration that you must download here , sign and upload


fill form/register your company details here